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Three Down and One to Go

I finished the first draft of the third in the monster porn series today. It's hard to be excited about it. If there were any joy left in the project, I would have finished it in March, but all the same, it is in editing, so here's a peak at the cover:

The Permanence of Ink

I love the beginning of school in part because it means buying office supplies, which I love. Pens, pencils, and paper are absurdly overdetermined for me. (Or maybe not. Writing is, after all, the single most important technology that man has invented, underpinning all others by facilitating the transfer of information of all kinds from person to person and over vast distances and time.)

I started writing for myself long before I ever considered myself a writer. I kept journals and wrote letters I never sent for years, though always disposing of them at some point along the way. (If I were asked to make a drawing that symbolizes my life, and if I could draw, it would be of me walking away from a burning bridge without looking back.) And in the time before computers, I kept them in physical notebooks, written in ink.

I can't imagine writing a whole book longhand. I really learned how to write on computers, with the ability to go back, edit, cut and paste, and rearrange at will with…