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New Feature: #OFFS

I'm starting a new hashtagged feature: oh, for fuck's sake!!! It's kind of my own version of "Getting Irritated with Nadia G," but with a less affectated accent.

The inaugural edition is in response to the Spring 2017 Shen Community Education course list that came in the mail today.

Let me start by saying that I love education and I'm all for using the school resources in the evenings for classes for the community. Math and science help and SAT prep for students is great. Seminars on accessing Medicare and Medicaid benefits and caring for the elderly are truly a valuable public service. Swim lessons, conversational Spanish, and digital photography classes are just peachy. Heck, Aqua Zumba has the distinct advantage that nobody can see what a goof you look like doing Zumba!

But for fuck's sake,

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