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You Look Nice. I'm Sorry I Said So.

One of the problems with people today (yes, feel free to groan) is our collective refusal to take context into account in our seemingly irresistible desire to feel offended. To whit:

People got mad at President Cheeto this week because he "complimented" the first lady of France for not being fat, saying, "You're in such good shape...beautiful."
The Reebok meme is amusing, and I love corporations standing up and trolling Trump, but DUDE! The "compliment" was skeevy because TRUMP is skeevy, not because there is NEVER a context in which is acceptable to compliment a woman (or man) on physical fitness. It would depend on who said it, how, in what context, what else was said, the expression on the complimenter's face, his or her body language. I can remember (and at this point it is quite distant) being in the gym and being quite pleased that a guy whose ass I had just kicked "racing" on the treadmill next to me said I was in great shape. I f…

Too Old for Rock and Roll?

Now that my kids are teens, or nearly so, we suddenly have an interest in going to rock concerts. Yay!

Unfortunately, I'm feeling horrible sticker shock. Despite Pearl Jam's best efforts in the 90s, ticket costs have gotten even more crazy than they were "back in MY day."  *grumble grumble grumble*

To whit, I bought tickets to Green Day for this summer, and in addition to the five hour drive to the middle of fucking nowhere plus the overnight stay that necessitates, I paid $89.95 per ticket plus a $19 PER TICKET "service fee." Dude, my bank prefers it when I use computers to do my transactions! So why am I being charged 20% more for buying online???

Wondering if I'm just that old, I used the math we've been doing in Antonio's algebra class to check whether the price increase is a natural result of inflation. I remember paying $30 for the ticket plus $7 in "service fees" for seeing Pearl Jam in 2000 or 2001. If I remember the price corr…

New Feature: #OFFS

I'm starting a new hashtagged feature: oh, for fuck's sake!!! It's kind of my own version of "Getting Irritated with Nadia G," but with a less affectated accent.

The inaugural edition is in response to the Spring 2017 Shen Community Education course list that came in the mail today.

Let me start by saying that I love education and I'm all for using the school resources in the evenings for classes for the community. Math and science help and SAT prep for students is great. Seminars on accessing Medicare and Medicaid benefits and caring for the elderly are truly a valuable public service. Swim lessons, conversational Spanish, and digital photography classes are just peachy. Heck, Aqua Zumba has the distinct advantage that nobody can see what a goof you look like doing Zumba!

But for fuck's sake,

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