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Blue Apron Review

I hoping this comes across as a public service announcement and not a commercial. For several years now, I have...not enjoyed cooking (for these picky ungrateful wretches I live with). Uh-hem. So in the midst of my uninspired kitchen doldrums, after getting a coupon in the mail, I tried Blue Apron, the uncooked meal delivery service, and it was actually quite good! Maggie ate collard greens without complaint and actually asked if we could have fish more often. WTF? The portions are well-sized, and it comes with nutritional information—always nice when someone else figures that out the carbs for me. The full price (without the coupon) is a smidge more than the cost of the four of us going to Panera or Chipotle, but judging by the meals we've gotten, it's healthier. Again, collard greens!?! It's a great way to teach your tween or teen to cook...assuming that I'm not the only one whose kids aren't already totally prepared to make a freaking soufflé on Chopped Junior. I…