Blue Apron Review

I hoping this comes across as a public service announcement and not a commercial.
For several years now, I have...not enjoyed cooking (for these picky ungrateful wretches I live with). Uh-hem.
So in the midst of my uninspired kitchen doldrums, after getting a coupon in the mail, I tried Blue Apron, the uncooked meal delivery service, and it was actually quite good!
  • Maggie ate collard greens without complaint and actually asked if we could have fish more often. WTF?
  • The portions are well-sized, and it comes with nutritional information—always nice when someone else figures that out the carbs for me.
  • The full price (without the coupon) is a smidge more than the cost of the four of us going to Panera or Chipotle, but judging by the meals we've gotten, it's healthier. Again, collard greens!?!
  • It's a great way to teach your tween or teen to cook...assuming that I'm not the only one whose kids aren't already totally prepared to make a freaking soufflé on Chopped Junior. I'm even thinking of picking a Saturday evening, handing them a box and a recipe card and seeing how it goes.
  • I do feel bad about the packaging—it came with a bunch of ice packs, but it says they're reusable and recyclable, so that lessens the guilt a little.
Anyway, if anyone is thinking of trying it, let me know because they are saying I can send free meals to friends who haven't tried the service. Just let me know.
Full disclosure: I receive no payments, kick-backs, free stuff, or sexual favors from Blue Apron. I just think it's pretty cool, and I thought I'd share.

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