My Flash-in-the-Pan Misadventure as an Accidental SJW

I was browsing through Twitter and saw this post:
I quoted it, adding, "I hate when people I otherwise respect use the slur SJW." Is it as bad as someone saying "nigger"? No, but it sure makes me think he is sympathetic to the ideas of the cretins who use the term. I thought nothing more of it since I know that only four people actually read my tweets.

Well, Michael Shermer cared enough to respond.
He did a little light research, admitted that it's a slur, and asked for a replacement. Maybe he was being a little snarky. Impossible to know, but I always give people the benefit of the doubt. This appeared in his timeline of 90K followers.

And some of his followers, like the good--what's opposite of a SJW?--oh, that's right, assholes that they are, felt the need to chime in.

For some context, in case you didn't read the Urban Dictionary definition, SJW is short for Social Justice Warrior, and it is used almost exclusively by insecure male assholes who hate activists of all kinds, but especially LGBT and feminist activists. Lord help you if you're both.

I learned about SJWs as a result of Gamergate, when proud male gamers (hiding behind online aliases) defended their noble hobby by threatening a subgroup of of the evil SJWs, feminist game designers and game critics, with brutal gang rape and murder.

Maybe that's not where the term began–the Urban Dictionary's etymology is probably less than reliable–but if you're using the term SJW, you're tacitly associating yourself with this group of cowardly dickheads who spew vitriol from the anonymous safety of their fake online profiles.

And the ironic thing is that I'm not even vaguely a SJW or any sort of more moderate online activist. I am not the shrill, dogmatic, angry hypocrite that these men fear and hate, picking fights and bullying the poor, oppressed white men of the world. I post my thoughts and opinions to my 76 entirely voluntary and unsolicited Twitter followers. Yes, I'm a libtard FemiNazi, but I'm also a rational skeptic. (Remember, I follow Michael Shermer.) And pro-Free Speech, no matter how ugly or disagreeable to me, but always short of threats of violence. I'm pro-sex. A nice pair of tits makes the world a prettier place, but you probably shouldn't interrupt the CEO's speech to say hers look good today. I've even become softer on my stance against the death penalty--there are very occasionally people who just need to be put down. (The world is better without Jeffrey Dahmer, Osama bin Ladin, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.)

Even if postmodernism is ultimately impenetrable, senseless academic garbage, everything human IS contextual, and very little outside of the hard sciences is absolute. So pretty please, can we all just calm the fuck down?

Of course, the answer is a resounding NO! because both the SJWs and their nemeses WANT to be angry.


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